Cupping Near Astoria NY


How Cupping Works

Cupping lifts the connective tissue layers off one another to reduce adhesions and better facilitate circulation and hydration of tissues, allowing tissues to heal faster and move more freely.

Cupping is excellent for neck and back pain relief, stress relief and reducing tension. Suction from the cupping draws fluid into the treated area, improving circulation & boosting the healing process. Soften myofascial restrictions to improve joint health. Reduce cutaneous nerve entrapments for pain reduction

Cupping NYC
Cupping for Astoria and NYC

You may recall athletes in the 2016 and 2021 Olympic Games with round cupping marks on their backs and shoulders. Many professional athletes use cupping to help with pain relief and overuse injuries. If you’re an athlete the last thing you want is a setback in training. Cupping can help improve your joint health by reducing muscle tension and improving blood circulation into targeted tissues. Allowing you to continue your training with less pain.

NYC Cupping Therapy

Hoots Acupuncture PLLC uses cupping to treat common issues like these

acupuncture for cold and flu
Boost Blood circulation

Jumpstart your body’s own healing process

acupuncture for mobility
Improve Mobility

Reduce tension and improve flexibility and mobility

acupuncture for back pain
Pain relief

Neck and shoulder pain relief

headache relief acupuncture
Headache Relief

Relax muscles for tension headache relief

acupuncture for TMJ
Fever reduction

Flash cupping along the back is great for reducing fevers

acupuncture for depression

You’ll feel lighter and relaxed with less muscle tension in your neck/shoulders

Cupping near astoria, greenpoint, williamsburg & beyond

treated by cupping

Cupping is best when used in conjunction with acupuncture. This reinforces the pain-relieving and relaxation mechanisms of acupuncture.

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