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What is Gua Sha/IASTM

Gua Sha or Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) involves using a smooth-edged tool to stroke and press on the skin to increase blood flow and reduce myofascial restrictions to allow for faster rehabilitation. This therapy treats chronic, acute and post- surgical orthopedic conditions.

Gua Sha is perfect for scar tissue and trigger points that limit the range of motion and functionality of joints. it is best when performed with acupuncture.

Neck pain relief Astoria NY
Gua sha for chronic
neck pain

Neck and shoulder pain make everything in life harder. Gua Sha is a great tool for breaking up muscle tension, especially after an acupuncture treatment. I find Gua Sha and IASMT most effective for neck, shoulder, hip, elbow, calf and foot pain. During this process you may notice some red marks that typically subside within a day. The redness is a response to the micro-trauma from physically breaking up scar tissue and adhesions. Most people experience immediate pain relief and notice significant improvements in their overall mobility. These treatments are extremely safe, but ONLY when performed by a properly trained professional.

Gua Sha / iastm
acupuncture for back pain
Reduce Pain

Acute or chronic neck, back and shoulder pain

headache relief acupuncture
Headache Relief

Reduce muscle tension related headaches

acupuncture for depression
reduce nerve pain

Mobilize tissues to alleviate cutaneous nerve entrapments

Speed up Rehab

Improve mobility and activate inhibited tissues post surgery to reduce recovery time

acupuncture for arthritis
Improve Joint Health

Improve circulation to joints and improve range of motion

acupuncture for TMJ
Relieve Jaw Pain

Relax soft tissue structures in the face and jaw that lead to TMJ disorders

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Headache relief

When neck and shoulder tension go untreated they often times can lead to intense throbbing tension headaches that last for days and sometimes weeks. In extreme cases, the symptoms can become so severe that they interrupt sleep patterns, effecting our mood, causing anxiety and in some cases hypertension. Pain meds and muscle relaxers can help in the short term, but if you want long lasting relief you have to address the underlying issue. Which in most cases, is muscle tension in the neck, head and jaw due to postural imbalances of the shoulders and spine. Gua Sha/IASMT with electroacupuncture work really well at addressing both of these by breaking up the tight and knotted tissues that are causing the tension headaches and activating inhibited tissues of the shoulder girdle to address the postural imbalance.

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